'The intake I had with Maroesja was nice, calm and confirming my issues, as far as hip and back. I liked the sessions. They gave me new insights and exercises… and trick/tool to use for sitting… with helps me a lot!! Yoga Therapy helped me finding new ways to move and be more aware of breath but also lengthening by mind... I like Maroesja’s approach and her guiding voice. Maybe some advice: nice to get more exercises digitally to practice at home, once she sent me a breathing session and that helped me do it more often, guidance by voice works really well after having done it in session with her.'

Mimi S.


'I had no expectations. But I was very curious if Yoga Therapy could help and support me. Each time the sessions gave new insights into my physical and mind and I learned things that I could take with me to apply in my daily life. The Yoga Therapy sessions helped me in my search for relaxation. Becoming aware of where and how I go over my limits. I am also very happy and grateful for the two videos of nasal breathing practices and Yoga Nidra. I am learning to meditate through these and I am very grateful for that. I think this session will have an impact on me in the coming period. I'm not quite there yet, but through your sessions I'm already on my way to real attention for myself, real relaxation. I think I am slowly getting my energy back.'

Sylvia K.


'The intake was pleasant and professional. Also it was an eye opener to me. I’ve been minding my breath ever since. The sessions we did were very pleasant and relaxing. I felt like Maroesja knew exactly what my body needed each time.'

Dionne P.


'My first thoughts yoga therapy where of western yoga and that of cliches. The intake was very welcoming and professional and made me feel comfortable, especially when discussing difficult and private matters. I enjoyed the sessions as I learnt a lot, not just about my physical aspect of myself but also the mental aspect. I was sometimes physically challenged but this encouraged me to practice the yoga exercises at home. Yoga Therapy helped in making me more present, the physical exercises provided a distraction in a way from being overwhelmed in the mind.' 



'When I contacted Maroesja, I recently gave birth to my daughter. So my main interest was balancing and maybe finding my way back to my yoga practice. The sessions were so insightful and Maroesja managed to exactly tap into what I needed, without even always telling her or using words. During the intense time with my newborn, being sleep deprived, Maroesja gave me exercises to relax and calm my nervous system. This was truly great! Also once things settled a bit more, she adjusted the exercises to more energizing and strengthening. And just a little note: I just loved your yoga nidra exercise, you have such a calm and relaxing voice to listen to! Thank you so much, and all the luck in the world!'

Jessica P.


'I felt comfortable and at ease with Maroesja. She listened very well and asked related questions to the answer I gave.  Maroesja knew what she was doing. This was already relaxing. I noticed that I liked the talk very much at the beginning, to share what was going on at that moment. And with that start the physical with a more clear head. Maroesja took the lead and she adapted the practice to what I needed but also made it even more personal by incorporating dance like elements in the movements, which I looooved! I felt carried and taken care off that was a important feeling for me to experience. Yoga Therapy helped me to start exercising again, things I could do even with my injury.'

Vianne S.